Episode 107: Spoiled n’ Grumpy


This episode contains: Seven quotes, “7” facts, Sons of Anarchy spoilers, Dorst shutdown his Facebook, Rhonda Rousey, Bernie Sanders, Paris and the Internet, news from Facebook, Fallout 4 talk, the internet spoils everything, the “secret society” of Reddit, 4chan, Force Awakens cancer guy, Disney and Marvel NDA, Dorst may be out on Star Wars, Steven gets angry, gray areas, grading scales, math, Steven teaching Emily, Vine videos, crotchety old men, modems, porn on the internet, Pam and Tommy video, Motley Crue, “The Dirt”, Dime Bag Darryl, black tooth grin, The Walking Dead, Arrow and The Flash, crossfit, salmon ladder, craft beer, what would you do with a billion dollars? How Steven drinks beer and how Dorst drinks beer.

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