About the Podcast

This podcast is a product of two guys who just want to sit around and BS for about an hour. We’ve both been influenced by Kevin Smith and the pod-casting empire that he has created. While we don’t aspire to create an empire of our own, we do aspire to have a regular occurring podcast, where we can talk about whatever inane bullshit that we can come up with.

We aim to record on Monday nights, so look for the podcast late night, or Tuesday mornings.

We typically record using Skype and use Audacity to edit the podcast. We have also recorded in the same location, sans Skype (which has it’s own set of difficulties).

We use SnoBall mics, MPF-6 pop filters and Windows PCs to record our dumb voices.

You can find the podcast on this site, on iTunes or Stitcher Radio. Please rate or review us how you see fit.

If you are feeling particularly generous, you can donate money to us here (Paypal link). Thank you so much!

–Ben and Steven

Do you agree with everything we say?! Tell us!

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Hosted by Ben Dorst and Steven Domingues

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