Episode 112: Steven Awakens Devon’s Force


This episode contains: Rolling in hot, numerology, even numbers, Man in a High Castle, Hitler Jesus, Star Wars, money, Rotten Tomatoes, negative reviews, cash grab sequels, spoilers, Star Wars talk, even more Star Wars talk, still talking Star Wars, our various viewing stories, Dorst made a poor choice, was the trailer more exciting? Is it really new Star Wars? Star Wars books stink, Devon breaks down the physics, Game of Thrones, Mark Hamill the actor, voices of Obi-Wan, does Finn have abilities? Kylo Ren is funny, Chewbacca is a space dog, Knights of Ren, models vs. CG, Millennium Falcon, Dorst makes a joke, Our faves and least faves, Star Wars future predictions.

3 thoughts on “Episode 112: Steven Awakens Devon’s Force”

    1. I haven’t heard that theory yet. Interesting.
      The only thing is that Lucas wrote young Obi-Wan to be the “ideal” Jedi. Which would mean no wife, no kids. Of course, the new custodians of Star Wars can do whatever they want.
      I always thought it would’ve been interesting if the catalyst for Anakin to fall to the dark side would have been if Padme and Obi-Wan had an affair, and then it would draw into question who the father of Luke and Leia were.

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