Steven Domingues Bio

Steven E. Domingues II has been listening to podcasts for many years. He lives with his wife, Martine, and his two beagles, Charlie and Annabel. After years of listening to various podcasts, he was introduced to several podcasts by one of his favorite directors, Kevin Smith. Smodcast was an instant favorite of his. Some time around 2011, Steven was introduced to Ben Dorst. As it turns out, the two shared a great many passions. Beer, video games, dick jokes, Smodcast, honesty, Star Wars and a birthday to name a few. They became quick friends. Then, one dark night, they almost became lovers. They don’t talk about this anymore, except to say that it was Ben Dorst’s idea that they start a podcast. It took Steven many years to ponder this, then suddenly, he got a bug up his ass, and after agreeing, working out the details, and trying out a test podcast, Pure BS Podcast was born (It only took about a week).

Steven has many hobbies: video games, comics, movies, LEGOs, anything Star Wars related, tv shows, computers and writing.

And now, it turns out, he’s a podcasting host as well.

One thought on “Steven Domingues Bio”

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