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Patreon Episode 003: Spirk and Kock


This episode contains: Three owners of an incorporated business reenact some K/S fiction for your listening pleasure. The explicit tag is very much in effect for this one.

What’s that? You don’t know what K/S fiction is? Well, you know Star Trek? Do you know who Kirk and Spock are? Did you know that they love each other very much? Intrigued? Listen now.

And once again, thank you to all of our Patrons  and don’t forget to check out the BS Podcast Network!


Patreon Episode 002: Ludwig from Germany



Recorded March 28th, 2015

This episode contains: An interview with our #1 German fan, Ludwig! He is the most German person we’ve ever met…just listen those dulcet tones. We chat about America and our “freedom” and then get on a nice long ramble about drinking in Germany, the Euro to Dollar conversion and all of Ludwig’s best friends.

Don’t forget to listen to his German as fuck podcast here:

And once again, thank you to all of our Patrons  and don’t forget to check out the BS Podcast Network!

Bonus Content!!!

Hey there mighty BSers,

We’ve taken a few turns, but we’ve finally found a home for our Bonus Content!

All you have to do is navigate your mouse or finger to the top of our webpage and click or tap on the BONUS CONTENT button on our menu.

The page that loads will have links to our bonus content. Boom. Easy.

I know we stated in a past podcast to look for the Star Wars movie commentary on, but it’s here instead. Sorry about that, we spoke too soon. It should still, however, play on any device that you listen to the podcast on. So, enjoy!

Hugs and Kisses,

–Ben and Steven

Roundtable Bonus Content

Hello mighty BSers!

You have come across our Bonus Content episode. Within you’ll find: poor audio recording, talk about comic book stores, geekery, amazon drones and the cost of minimum wage! This was a test recording of sorts that occurred after our Live Studio Audience episode. We got the audience together next to a fire, got a few drinks in us, and chatted away for about an hour.

Click here for the Bonus Content Episode. Beware, if you are on mobile, a Soundcloud app may load.

A very special thanks to Andy, Ben L, Devon, Julia, Martine, Matt,   and Nicole for appearing in this episode. Enjoy!

–Ben and Steven