Why Should I Donate?

Why should you donate? Are they going to use this money for drugs and hookers? Are they going to leave their wives and go to Vegas?

These are all valid questions.

Ben Dorst and Steven Domingues host Pure BS Podcast for fun. They do not, no ever will, ask for money for the show. It is a FREE SHOW.

However, there are costs involved. We ask for donations only to break even on the cost that we have put into the show. For one year of hosting, the cost is roughly $200. Split two ways, that’s only $100 apiece.

No matter what kind or how large of an audience we gather, we will always offer this podcast FREE OF CHARGE. However, to offset the costs inherent to podcasting, we may need to turn to advertising to break even. We don’t want to do this.

Personally (and this is Steven talking) I hate it when advertising interrupts the podcasts that I listen to. I will continue to pay to keep this podcast free, unless the cost proves to be too much for my wife and I.

So, please, throw us a few bucks. It’ll go to good use, and you’ll feel good on the insides.

You can go directly to PayPal here or

Visit our Patreon page and get a few rewards for your hard earned monies.


–Ben Dorst and Steven Domingues

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