iTunes Ahoy!

We are officially on iTunes!

Click here for the awesome.

It’s been a bit of a struggle, the verification process is a little…hazy. We’re going to talk a bit about it on a future episode, so we won’t bore everyone with the details here.

In other news, yesterday this here website blew up! We were both astounded by the numbers of visits and page views the site received. Please keep checking out the content, listening to the episodes, and most importantly: leave your feedback!

Have show topic ideas? Post em. Have suggestions? Post em. Have issues with us? Post em. Want to show your naughty bits? Post em.

We absolutely love feedback. Please visit Stitcher, and now iTunes, and give your awesome reviews, stars, thumbs up…whatever they have to click on, you should.

One final thing: next week there WILL be a show. We’re going to need to fiddle a few things around, but mark your calendars. 12/17 will be the debut of Episode 006: Live Studio Audience.

See you then,

–Ben Dorst and Steven Domingues

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