Episode 013: Tooth Fairies

Episode 013: Tooth Fairies

Vlad the Impaler

Recorded on January 27, 2014

This episode contains: Number thirteen lore, the alien conspiracy history channel, Bill Nye the Science Guy, Mr. Wizard, science magic kit, burp, lost teeth, going rate for a tooth, hoarding body parts, anti- hoarding, giving up the paci, LEGO rewards, tooth math, LEGO building philosophy, double date night, adult shop tour, over-enthusiastic sex shop employee, disc movies vs internet movies, first time adult shop stories, road soda, superstition hat and the number four golf balls, stepping on cracks, TPing houses, Wacko of the Week Cheryl Crausewell, cleaning up TP with fire, burning down the house, the physics of fire and logic, snake fire, spider fire and insurance, Wacko Poll, Winter Olympics in Sochi Russia, anti-homosexual government, terrorist threats, circle of steel, black widows, IOC, athletic bravery, terrorist targeting, Sochi underground, not defining homosexuals, Vladimir Putin, gays not after children, biased PDA, Olympic Ambassadors: Brian Boitano, Billy Jean King, Kaitlin Kayhow, Mexico’s Mariachi bobsled uniforms, news reporting, supporting the athletes, eight games at once, fantasy football, Paypal button now works, please help keep us ad free, bonus content only on the website.

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