Roundtable Bonus Content

Hello mighty BSers!

You have come across our Bonus Content episode. Within you’ll find: poor audio recording, talk about comic book stores, geekery, amazon drones and the cost of minimum wage! This was a test recording of sorts that occurred after our Live Studio Audience episode. We got the audience together next to a fire, got a few drinks in us, and chatted away for about an hour.

Click here for the Bonus Content Episode. Beware, if you are on mobile, a Soundcloud app may load.

A very special thanks to Andy, Ben L, Devon, Julia, Martine, Matt,   and Nicole for appearing in this episode. Enjoy!

–Ben and Steven

5 thoughts on “Roundtable Bonus Content”

    1. I listened to it… it’s not totally embarrassing. You can tell we were both several drinks in. I never knew I cussed so much after a few cocktails.

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