Episode 022: Pulling Back the Curtain

Episode 022: Pulling Back the Curtain

Get it?
Get it?

Recorded March 29, 2014

This episode contains: phone interruptions, March Madness, a nice set of cans, Special Guest: Mrs. Nicole Lawless, sagging and surgery, professional tick remover, grammar and text messages, Wacko of the Month winner, tattoos and piercings, a bulimic and lazy ex, layers and lips, fragile writing, moving and marathons, wife competition, Wacko of the Week: Ben Dorst, $45 donation, FTL shares, the shot across the bow, dances and first dates, remembering roof-rack, high dive belly flop, tuxedos and nerd pants, political conversations, Ben and Socks, band practice shenanigans, Cal Poly graduation, long distance relationships and change, the breakup/dump, sowing wild oats, sad-angry-drunk, Thanksgiving, dropping a love bomb, drunk and not watching Star Wars, lubed up, back rub exchange, sexual napalm, puppy dog eyes, Karen manipulations, dry grinding, more break ups, moving in, marriage and baby, one shot with Nicole.


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