Episode 024: Purplepalooza

Episode 024: Purplepalooza


Recorded April14, 2014

This episode contains: 24 tv show, Netflix discs, streaming, office ages, podcast names, MTV, internet radio, falling into the wiki hole, live shows, STRFCKR, small shows, MySpace local bands, Hallowed Ground, Metallica show, circle pits, the Rainbow room, Lamb of God, Trivium, mosh pits, throwing beer, murder charges, dangerous shows, misuse of the internet, tweeting to airlines, inappropriate photos, NSFW, Heartbleed and XKCD, Wacko of the Week: Gustav Potthoff, violent atheist, butter knife attack on roommate Jesus, t-shirts that don’t exist, Game of Thrones S04E02 chat, spoilers for the purple wedding, character ages, poisoned wine, whodunit, the Iron Bank of Braavos, POV chapters, filling the void, the Queen stepping forward, a huge thank you to all the listeners, quick bachelor party stories, Fallout let’s play on YouTube.


Wacko of the Week

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