Episode 026: Marathon Commitment

Episode 026: Marathon Commitment

Kelly Gneiting
American sumo wrestler Kelly Gneiting has proved his critics wrong and has broken the Guinness World Record for Heaviest Person to Complete a Marathon. He is our new spirit animal.

Recorded April 28th, 2014

This episode contains: Marathon training, congrats to Julia and Nicole, SLO marathon talk, the Madonna Inn, happy-sad breakdowns, City to the Sea half marathon commitment, the big Lawless move, the slanted old house, coffee and donuts, caffeine and sugar, professional movers, all the stairs, the box truck and the driveway, friendly berating, Bubba’s first steps, strong bones, Pachycephalosaurus, Wacko of the Week: Cory Evans, Buick and Semi-truck shenanigans, naked masterbating truck pacing, high school story time, Bernadette, Orcutt school parking lot, Chevy Astro Van back seats, the flashlight tap, the Sheriff, Park and Ride, phone calls, a warning, more high school stories, going out late with friends, play structure talking, more flashlights, police parent phone calls, meeting moms, golf ball slingshot, sprinkler disassembly and reconstruction, thieving keys and breaking into classrooms, Bomar security, mall parking structure roller blading, Game of Thrones spoilers S04E04, book spoilers for Night’s King, Valerian Steel nonsense.

Wacko of the Week

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