Episode 028: Slappy Cheeks

Episode 028: Slappy Cheeks

What...what happened?
What…what happened?

Recorded May 12th, 2014

This episode contains: more bad math, our six month anniversary, sport tweeting, congrats to Michael Sam being drafted by the Rams, how the football draft works, the kiss, new iPhone 5s, trade in story, apologizing for racist slurs, negative for Gout, positive for Parvo, Slappy Cheek Disease, dealing with steroids and pain, CT scans, testicular exam stories, not wearing underwear, pub crawl tease, running for fun, marathon talk, wearing a hoodie, diet and regular Coke, Wacko of the Week: Kevin Hughes, Walmart nude shopping, tennis shoes, arrested for disorderly conduct, the wrong drugs, ecstasy or meth, getting destructive drunk, being paranoid in pain, evening the odds, no bullets for the .22, butcher knife, attack dogs, the big announcement, an unexpected phone call, difference between girls and boys, registries.

Wacko of the Week


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