Episode 036: Beer Metal

Sit down...grab a drink
Sit down…grab a drink

This episode contains: ingrown hair, hardwood floors, editing, two screens, interns, audience interaction, bad moods, hammered on the Fourth of July, growler of Firestone UBA, Stone Brewing go to IPA, hops, ABV, Union Jack and Easy Jack, Sam Adams Summer Ale,  the tale of Firestone 805, area codes, buying local, itchy scalp, Bubba the squealer, chubby bunny, flag tee shirts from China, Wacko of the Week, Señior Wang, too poor for the movies, 7 years, $40,000 for IMAX seats, trying to impress the ex-girlfriend, nerd rage comment sections, Dethklok infused Batman music video, Metalocalypse, Dethalbum, hilarious song titles, Brendon Small, album artwork, Pandora station, Spotify, Social Distortion, Johnny Cash, Misfits, Reverend Horton Heat, Rockabilly, Punk, Psychobilly, Horrorpops, song from Pulp Fiction (Miserlou), Koffin Kats, Devil Dolls, Zombie Ghost Train, Mad Sin, thumbed up tracks, Dorsts’ early metal phase, Sepultura, Danzig and douche chills, Wizard magazine casting call, aging out of the target demographic.

Wacko of the Week


Pure BS Psychobilly Special Pandora Station


2 thoughts on “Episode 036: Beer Metal”

  1. Thx for the shout out. Growler was UBDA. Unfiltered double barrel ale. From Firestone. IPA is like drinking a bouquet of flowers.

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