Episode 043: Twitter Explosions

Not Pictured: Dorsts' illegitimate children
Not Pictured: the illegitimate children conceived on this trip

Recorded August 25th, 2014

This episode contains: what we were doing wrong, PBR, Sailor Jerry’s, reaching out on Twitter, shout outs, half marathon training stories, Ouzo magic dog wind, Jax run away sad story, death of pets, 10 mile run story, GoT sword fights, The Worlds End, chaffing, Lord Richard Attenborough RIP, terrible accents, british cruise story, Boxing Day, dirty booze cruise story, Russian roulette, talking to women, social anxiety, old guilt ridden memories, Go Betty Go on Twitter, accidental miracles.

Twitter shout outs: @grumpcast @rbrutti @jondigital @yupnopepodcast @recroomshow @nspod @ frankman464 @taichicks

Go Betty Go tracks: Saturday, No Hay Perdon, You’re Your Worst Enemy

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