Episode 054: Vegas Baby, Vegas

You can get one at Studio 54. Have you heard of it?
You can get one at Studio 54. Have you heard of it?

Recorded November 3rd, 2014

This episode contains: high energy, Studio 54, the club scene, MGM Halloween, $40 Long Island, how to drink in Vegas, gambling, how to be a WoW player, life insurance, planning a Vegas trip, the longest podcasting week ever, 7 shows in 9 days, whiskey tea, drinking, destroyed daily routines, structure and anarchy, World Trade Center re-opens, 9/11 recap, Dorst’s freedom rant, Marvel predictions, Black Panther, vibranium, Wakanda, Agent Carter, Doctor Strange origin story, Eye of Agamotto, character popularity, Guardians of the Galaxy, story reboots, comic tie-ins, movie sales numbers, comic book sales figures, call for comic book people, digital comic book giveaway: congrats @nicolemlawless and @jayrod14, thanks again to Go Betty Go, a giant Patreon plug, Wasted plug.

Contest winners: @nicolemlawless @jayrod14
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Special note: After the show was recorded, Wasted became our Patron! Look forward to 4 episodes of us pimping out their totally awesome project!

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