Episode 064: Seven Duece

The happiest place on Earth?


Recorded January 17th, 2015

This episode contains: number preps, Nintendo 64 and Goldeneye, big screen TVs and giant stereos, 19-20 roommates, wave runner Pennywise, sharing a bed, moving apartments, the special liquor store, our pseudo-origin story, the Disneyland measles story, non-immunized children, angry Dorst vaccine rant, herd immunization, personal belief exception, poor education, listening to celebrities not doctors, how Brad Pitt votes, National Vaccine Information Center is for anti-vaxxers, we come up with the final solution for these idiots, Steven owes his life to modern medicine, Death Island, getting licensed to have kids, sex education, kids in your thirties, Ludwig from Germany sends us a Dick pic, Patreon patron thanks, Clint from GeekDig tease, breaking into a car, hashtag games, emoji a film title, thank you to the special guests who picked up the slack while Steven was gone, purchasing firearms for the homeless, Podcast War with Dropping Loads, sexy stories, the weirdest thing we’ve put on our dicks, couch potatoes and shampoo bottles, LEGO men walking the plank.

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