Episode 087: 10.6 Pints



Recorded June 22nd, 2015

This episode contains: Numerology, butt plugs, ATM, porn categories, Steven explains the internet, true random, South Carolina flag, scary ghosts, NPR, traveling is Steven’s favorite, Pete’s a silly goose, the trots, riding in cars with babies, Steven’s Father’s Day, new Lego video game, FF on Blu Ray, Disney’s Playmation, Jurassic World is HUGE, Bubba screaming, Dorst’s Father’s Day, Steven bumps the cables, the small kicks, dreading church, technical difficulties, stewing, melt downs at church, parenting, taboo, drinking beer, drinking more beer, drinking more beer, Dorst drinks more beer than he has blood in his body, Thug Kitchen, vegetarians, Steven yells, Steven is getting fat, “Eat like you give a fuck”, Insanity workout, “Get shit done”, podcasting, on demand media, tip of the sword, Devon buys his first album on ITunes, digital media, Devon is from the dark ages, Steven makes excuses for Devon, K/S teaser.


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