Episode 108: Broken Home

This episode contains: Not on Periscope, participation medals, Steven eats, Edna powering thru being sick, nice way to say vomit, Wayne’s World, the Melodrama, broken families, throwing family under the bus, stating facts, Steven is gross, Dorst’s grooming habits, kids at the Melodrama, Dorst’s family, A Christmas Carol, vaudeville, fairy tales, ghosts from A Christmas Carol, Steven had a life event, things we can’t talk about, Steven and a three year old, how kids interact, having more than one kid, moving sucks, comic books, Steven’s most valuable comic book, Ultimate Venom, comic book values, Ultimates, RDJ vs. Morgan Freeman, Jessica Jones, Reel Stupid talk, Sloane’s art skills, the great thing about Jessica Jones, Super Girl, Batman vs. Superman internet rumors, BVS Rotten Tomatoes predictions, is BVS in the Nolan verse? Steven thinks Dorst smokes crack, more BVS theories, kryptonite brass knuckles, bukkaki movies, still on Jessica Jones, Man in a High Castle, Dorst bites his tongue, PBS book club.

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