Episode 113: Little Rummer Boy


This episode contains: Dorst sounds pissed, Steven is drunk, Steven & Martine go to Dorst’s, day drinking, Dorst is on vacation, bounce house place, foose ball with 7 year olds, buying kids in Florida, slurred hearing, rum drinks, Forza vs. Destiny, Santa’s present, happy anniversary to the Dorst’s, 1313, Martine has a mental block, evolved video games, noob harvest, can I have your wife? Kids playing Forza, racing setups, Forza saved Steven’s life, Dorst wins fantasy football, Devon’s wedding, daily fantasy vs. Season long fantasy, size of daily fantasy, gambling year, off shore poker, Henno bought some shit, Hen, Adele’s “Hello” covers, Leo Moracchioli, Anthony Vincent, Alex Boye.

Leo Moracchioli

Anthony Vincent

Alex Boye

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