Episode 115: Beer Wenches


This episode contains: Steven’s radio voice, rolling your R’s, dusting of coke, splash, Dorst and beer, how many bottles in a gallon, doing math, Barrel House, waiting in line, anti-hipster, sours, Bang the Drum, growler fills, Steven does a bit, Spice Girls, Iota man, weekend abroad, nerd things, drank some food and eat some beers, Devon’s bachelor party, Devon should call in, dollar bills and strippers, Devon is edumacated, minor league baseball, escorts, beer girls shackled, Wacko, Trump is a wacko, Iota proposing to his wife, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, juniors and seniors, Henno’s email, Dorst taking the next step, Dorst has tendencies, our email guys have dropped off, RIP David Bowie.

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