Episode 147: Hobbies


This episode contains: story of intro, computer voice, RSP hiatus, Martha’s Vineyard, Stranger Things, employee appreciation, morning drinking, working and drinking, golf tournament, more drinking, keg sizes, Angry Orchard Cider, top 5 beers, Steven went to a wedding, Steven is losing weight, programming, No Man’s Sky, wedding taco bar, Ben is a hipster, tight, where’s iota?, Star Trek Beyond, Ben is a Trekkie, Devon is a big fan of Star Trek and Star Wars, TNG, space booze, other 1987 shows, Family Matters, Star Trek: Enterprise, bonus show (politics, Rogue One, making music), fan email, hitting send without thinking, shrimp for dinner, the C word, touring, new Green Day song, Blink 182, iota is back, Devon’s wedding pictures.

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