Episode 151: Intergalactic Checkmate!


This episode contains: 151 Rum, Dixon, YouTube, Patreon, Steven is sick again, Dayquil and Mountain Dew, being tired, sweet sleep, Storm Pooter, The Flu That Stole Christmas, Girl Scouts celebration, no drinking, BSPN shirts, power goes out at Ben’s house, breakers, running power cords to the TV, Facebook people try to help Ben, Titan Con, Irish listeners, fan ads, saying hi to Devon, Japan, strange porn, The Wacko of the Week, bank robber, escaping nagging wife, Filipino wife, anime porn, sexy words for genitals?, Sex Criminals comic, The Quiet, what not to refer to your partner’s genitals as, Hillary is a lizard person, Hillary’s health, potential earpiece, ancient Egyptian gods, King of the Hill, 50 Shades generator, new podcasts.


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