Episode 151: Intergalactic Checkmate!


This episode contains: 151 Rum, Dixon, YouTube, Patreon, Steven is sick again, Dayquil and Mountain Dew, being tired, sweet sleep, Storm Pooter, The Flu That Stole Christmas, Girl Scouts celebration, no drinking, BSPN shirts, power goes out at Ben’s house, breakers, running power cords to the TV, Facebook people try to help Ben, Titan Con, Irish listeners, fan ads, saying hi to Devon, Japan, strange porn, The Wacko of the Week, bank robber, escaping nagging wife, Filipino wife, anime porn, sexy words for genitals?, Sex Criminals comic, The Quiet, what not to refer to your partner’s genitals as, Hillary is a lizard person, Hillary’s health, potential earpiece, ancient Egyptian gods, King of the Hill, 50 Shades generator, new podcasts.



Episode 150: Shower Sitters


This episode contains: Tuesday recording, Steven and drugs, roller coasters, Ben and waiting in lines, what our time is worth, Mother’s Day, being a dad, Steven is sick, Ben’s panic attack, roll call of fans, Catfish Tom, opinion on our ads, bringing back the wacko, National Treasure, sitting in the shower, bonus shows, Batman motorcycle, favorite movie vehicles (but no Star Wars), Back to the Future, Batmobile, Ghost Busters, Aliens, Serenity, Enterprise?, Independence Day, Bill Simons Report, trolls, iconic ships, Top Gun, Ben yells at trolls, we make a listicle, more from CJN, coffee shop story.

Episode 149: Tranny on a Bike


This episode contains: The Canadian, “Fal-cone,” the deepness of RSP, TMZ, picking an intro song, new podcast, Steven watched Suicide Squad, reshoots, different versions of the same movie, The Joker, Harley Quinn, ads are too long, 2 out of 5, too many characters in one movie, Arrow and Deadshot, room for new Batman ideas?, Igor, who invented flight, LGBTQ representation at the Olympics, Gisele, Japan at the Olympics, politics in Brazil, Harry Potter, VMAs, Yahoo Answers, racist question, dumb people, we respond, Steven has regret.

Episode 148: Dirty Laundry


This episode contains: The real show’s starting, air drumming, airing dirty laundry, Twitter bots, typical DLs, more bitching, RSP issues, Zika in Florida, we need new ads, Wacko of the Week, old contests, Ohio (not Florida), the urge to bang, sexy cars, completion?, what about the van owner?, Steven’s car, look back at old Wackos, recommended section on PornHub, Yahoo Answers, brother love, incest, worst things to have sex with rankings, more questions from Yahoo Answers, dumb people on the internet, pulling out and pro-choice, providing our own answers, plugs.

Episode 147: Hobbies


This episode contains: story of intro, computer voice, RSP hiatus, Martha’s Vineyard, Stranger Things, employee appreciation, morning drinking, working and drinking, golf tournament, more drinking, keg sizes, Angry Orchard Cider, top 5 beers, Steven went to a wedding, Steven is losing weight, programming, No Man’s Sky, wedding taco bar, Ben is a hipster, tight, where’s iota?, Star Trek Beyond, Ben is a Trekkie, Devon is a big fan of Star Trek and Star Wars, TNG, space booze, other 1987 shows, Family Matters, Star Trek: Enterprise, bonus show (politics, Rogue One, making music), fan email, hitting send without thinking, shrimp for dinner, the C word, touring, new Green Day song, Blink 182, iota is back, Devon’s wedding pictures.

Hosted by Ben Dorst and Steven Domingues