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Hello there!

Fancy a podcast for your ear-holes?

Well, look no further. We are the Pure BS podcast! We are officially launching today, December 6th. Guess why this day is special? It’s because it’s the hosts collective birthdays! That’s right, Ben Dorst and Steven Domingues both share a birthday, and now they can share it with their new podcast as well.

We have 5 shows up so far. Please feel free to peruse  them at your leisure. You can click on the links at the left of the page, or simply scroll down on the front page.

What’s that? Twitter? Why yes, we like that thing. On the right side of the page is a nifty link to our twitter posts. If we say we’ll post something on the twitter, we usually do, and it’s located there.

Huh? Facebook? Yep, if you like us on the ol’ FB, there is an area under the twitter feed where your ugly mug may be displayed. (Don’t worry, your mug may not be ugly…we’re just kinda assholes, you know?)

STITCHER!!! What is that? It’s a cool way to guzzle down our podcast. There are apps available for your iOS or Android device. Or, just visit the webpage. Give us a thumbs up (or down, whatever floats your boat) and leave a comment.

iTunes…well…sadly, we screwed a few things up and we’re not on iTunes yet. But when we are, you can bet you’ll hear about it. (Should be a few days to a few weeks.)

Now, for every show that we produce, a blog post will arrive here, with appropriate show notes. Are you a good friend of ours? Chances are we’ve talked about you (or made a drinking game of your name), so listen and comment! Every post that is connected to an episode has a comment section, links to Twitter, Facebook, G+, Reddit…and even email…so you can…email.

SO! Enjoy the sultry sounds of our cackles, listen to us pontificate about news items, and every time you hear a certain name…take a drink. We are the Pure BS podcast…prepare yourself for an hour of bullshit.

–Ben Dorst and Steven Domingues

Episode 005: Mark Anelli

Episode 005: Mark Anelli

Recorded on December 2, 2013

This episode contains: Stitcher plug, Paul Walker RIP, Fast and Furious stories, car names, Mark Anelli drinking game, twitter girl accident, online personas, professional vs amateur porn, Mark Anelli, how we spent our Thanksgivings, Dorst’s mysterious Dad, Mark Anelli, Frozen, Santa Maria theatre experience, b-day show tease, S vs Z.

Episode 004: A New Hope

Episode 004: A New Hope

Recorded on November 25, 2013

This episode contains: Episodes! Pirating, birthday rules, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, iPad air, the Chinese, production assembly lines, shitty and awesome computers, Dorst Family Disneyland trip, Santa and other fantastical things, mini-Dorst, THANK YOU, Star Tours, Tomorrow-land retooling, DCA, Thanksgiving cherries, broken homes, and more birthday things.

Episode 002: Batkid

Episode 002: Batkid

Recorded on November 15, 2013

This episode contains: Live recording nonsense, LEGOs, randy dogs and inappropriate intonations, Batkid and San Francisco being awesome, some asshole, Family Guy, video store gay couple, setting the record straight about LOTR books, comment sections on EVERY WEBSITE, Star Wars EP7 talk, Toy Story 3 spoilers, and more LEGO talk.

Hosted by Ben Dorst and Steven Domingues

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