Episode 008: Ob-fus-ca-ted

Episode 008: Ob-fus-ca-ted

Recorded December 16, 2013

This episode contains: Super Secret Special Guest Benjamin Lawless, story-teller’s corner, “This girl who didn’t like clouds”, poetry defense grid installation, the oral tradition, tragedy and comedy, equating everything to cartoons, the human condition told through funny pictures, memory and performance, bitching, listener submitted Would You Rather, taking it in the dookie, DVD multi-angle, fourth dimensional thinking, weird sex dream shame pile, unexpected listeners, integrity, t-shirt talk, LEGO us, medium and flip board, iOS games, mystery father part II, “A  Legitimate Breakdown”, mushrooms, Filthy Lies, poetry distribution, nasal problems, double plugs.

Contact Benjamin Lawless at these places:

Official website: benjaminlawless.com

Poetry: medium.com

Literary Journal: ifwhen.us


Episode 007: Geekery is Forever

Episode 007: Geekery is Forever

Recorded December 09, 2013

This episode  contains: James Bond, movie trailers, Disney short, Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer; Ultimate Spider-Man; Rhino and Juggernaut; the Ultimate Universe; Origins and Truths; Marvel Universes at different movie studios; X-Men Days of Future Past; X-Men Apocalypse; Bendis and Venom; Make it Snow; Fast and Furious timeline; companies getting us to buy multiple copies of their movies; Wachowski uncanny valley.

Episode 006: Live Studio Audience

Episode 006: Live Studio Audience

Recorded Live on: December 7, 2013

This Episode contains: Birthday Episode Especial Extravaganza! Featuring: Devon, Ben, Nicole, Matt, Julia and Martine.

Kraken and PBR, birthday gifts, LEGOs, AC4, sea-robber, chrome-cast, HBO-GO, homemade pizza smoke, baking stories, FTL, turn left at Albuquerque, grey nose hair, Hi Matt, the iPad reveal, apple ghost, live recording issues, Xbox One first hand experience talk, the crowd falling asleep, Guess the Porn Stars Age and How Many Movies they’ve been in with porn movie titles (very, very NSFW).

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We fucked up.

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Hosted by Ben Dorst and Steven Domingues