Episode 009: The Flu that Stole Xmas

Episode 009: The Flu that Stole Xmas

Recorded December 30, 2013

This episode contains: professionalism, brand new intro, downloads, the great Xmas fooling, more iPad Air talk, budgeting, the Alien Quadrilogy, opened puzzles, comic cards, writer Steven mind games, the holiday spirit, Las Vegas trip, food poisoning, booting, fever, gambling in America’s playground, more food poisoning, not food poisoning, non-refundable hotel room, Santa and mermaid fails, pink cap-gun, presents from Santa, projectile booting, the flu strikes, murse Dorst, comic reading, top ten pirated TV shows of 2013, Game of Thrones talk, Sons of Anarchy talk, top ten top grossing movies of 2013, Veronica Mars talk, Gal Gadot, Catching Fire talk, Thor’s brother, box office math, New Years shindigs, calling out the listeners.

Amy Schwartz: http://voice123.com/amyschwartz 

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