Episode 010: Body Modification

Episode 010: Body Modification

Guess which one is Ben.
Guess which one is Ben.

Recorded January 06, 2014

This episode contains: Sesame St, The Muppets, movie release dates, Godzilla, anti-skip, Chris Gore and PodCRASH, the glorious leader and his dog habits, the worst ways to die, The Dark Knight Returns, Court of Owls, iPads and comic books, CES, wearable tech, body modification, Steven’s prison tattoo, Sturgis SD, Dorst’s tattoo bookmarks, secret origin prelude, card drinking games, Purple Russians, blacking out, back to CES, streaming, Roku smart tv, timing issues, Android cars, voice commands, Waze app, driver distraction, smart house, fridge apps, drinking apps, what’s missing from this show?, derailment, ego.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 010: Body Modification”

  1. I have another hypothetical question. You are walking in the forest and meet a gypsie. She will give you one super power ability (fly, x-ray vision, ect). The cost, you must pick someone to die and they have to be a good/ innocent person who is in perfect mental and physical health. You don’t commit the murder yourself, this persons death will appear natural. Do you accept, how do you pick this person, and if so what is your power?

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