Episode 015: This Episode is Awesome

Episode 015: This Episode is Awesome

Punch it Chewie
Punch it Chewie

Recorded February 10, 2014

The episode contains: Learners permits, curfews, sore throats, baby spit up, rotten milk, The Pit, ashes, BMI and kids, types of fat, Michael Sam and his excellent announcement, black rage, homosexuality and the NFL, the LBGT community and being afraid of what’s different, gay marriage story, Prop 8 definition, time traveling mystery Jesus dad part 2, family dinner shenanigans, pictures of the deadbeat son, athletic Dorst, Steven screwing up the bit, Wacko of the Week: Virginia Baloo, raccoon and Badger, anticlimactic story.


The LEGO Movie review, CG quality, stop motion, Everything is Awesome by Teagan and Sara and The Lonely Island, bring your kids if Kra## Gl#e makes sense, Father and Son relationship, following instructions and the Master Builders, bringing real world objects into the LEGO world, Will Farrell as Lord Business and the Father, Matrix parallels, the target audience, adults buying LEGOs, 98% fresh, 8.5 years later, Steven’s top 3 moments: the Millennium Falcon appears, Father and Son reveal, Michelangelo and Michelangelo, Dorst’s top 3 moments: the Master Builders, Everything is Awesome version in every land, LEGO water studs, the different lands and their titles in the sky, Master Builder vision, LEGO food, Metalbeard, LEGO bankruptcy saved with Star Wars license, total piece counts, dual purpose sets, possible Blu-Ray release dates

3 thoughts on “Episode 015: This Episode is Awesome”

  1. Dude I need to comment on all eps. Just so you have someone that has heard every episode all the way til the end and the bonus shit at the end is the best… JB from Jacksonville, fl. Duces biatchz

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