Episode 016: Flux Capaci-tater

Episode 016: Flux Capaci-tater

"It's your kid Ben, something's gotta be done about your kid!"
“It’s your kid Ben, something’s gotta be done about your kid!”

Recorded on February 17, 2014

This episode contains: Inappropriate PBR, attractive males and Dorst’s hidden desires, crotch muscle, pretty boy eyes, Edna in love, twitterpated, the trials of being a father to a little girl, condom stories, “real life” Iron Man suit and catchy headlines, liquid armor, nuclear fusion, space travel and generation ships, replicators, mundane uses for an adamantium skeleton and claws, Wolverine vs Punisher, the quick (mostly accurate) history of Logan and James Howlett, Hugh Jackman and an X-Men reboot, Old Man Logan comic nonsense, kudos shout out, Wacko of the Week: Torz Reynolds, manual tattoo removal, Steven’s gross out, Wacko of the Month voting results, awesome tattoo ideas, buried treasure, Gran Turismo racing sim winner and his new job opportunity with Red Bull Racing, Formula 1, how racing sims are used, good luck to the kid.

Wacko of the Week

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