Episode 019: Sex, Drugs and Movies

Episode 019: Sex, Drugs and Movies

Don't worry Mom, it's not that bad.
Don’t worry Mom, it’s not that bad.

Recorded March 10, 2014

This episode contains: ménage-a-trois stories, Threesome movie, the sandwich, sneaking a peek, sex, alcohol and drugs, mushrooms, cardboard, LSD too speedy, weed, everything but shooting heroin, live tweets from Matt, commentary comments, PBR, Craig Ferguson, Wacko confusion, Happy Birthday Bubba, duuuuude, sagittal synostosis, Children’s Hospital stories, Wacko of the Week: Charlene Ellet and Cameron Beck, step-siblings, Walmart shoplifting, laws about searching cars, methamphetamine, kissing in jail, taboo relationships and prohibited sexual conduct, assault on husband, Big Bang Theory look-a-likes, the March Madness of Movies, Pulp Fiction, the suite case, most influential movies, Tarantino flicks, SLC Punk, visceral reaction, cookie and pie story, Raiders of the Lost Ark (x2!), nazi face melting and eye lightning, actions informing the characters, little exposition, 1981 coke bender hot, Halloween costumes and broken tapes, Indiana Jones LEGO sets, The Usual Suspects, twist spoiler spoils Steven, jobs and heists and almost Heat, Jurassic Park, Grandpa story, CG cleverness, Empire Strikes Back, dead serious Dorst, best twist in cinema, love story, character development, Back to the Future trilogy, time travel and consequences, skateboards, DeLorean design, alternate future, old west, the Tannen Family, Telltale BTTF adventure game, The Godfather part II, Al Pacino doesn’t look like Al Pacino, a warm blanket, not very violent, constant rotation, Star Wars, true beginning, special effects, sound effects, novels, comics, LEGOs, Special Edition is okay, Joseph Campbell Hero’s Journey.

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