Episode 020: The Sock Hypothesis

Episode 020: The Sock Hypothesis

3 to 1, we like those odds
3 to 1, we like those odds

Recorded March 15, 2014

This episode contains: bad math, not the origin show, two special guests: Benjamin Lawless and William Devon Craft Esq, over 2,000 downloads, dick lawyers, phase three, other podcasts, twitter dick measuring, R2-D2 building, battle dome, featured readings, photo of the day, literary publications, Pure Star Trek Podcast, essential episodes, Charlie!, Clone Wars Season 6 chat, Jedi Order nerdery, drink break, Charlie!, audio quality, wiping off the tip, Wacko of the Week: Juliane Kozel, YouTube audio clip, tortoise mating rituals, audio reactions, pleasure and pain, female orgasms, masturbation techniques, circumcision, mating on YouTube, the breast debate, secondary sexual characteristics, enunciation, hello in Tagalog, VS debate: Scarlett Johansson boobs VS Kim Kardashian ass, boob-man and ass-man, “you would know”, the Lawless-Craft crossover, VS debate: Superman VS the Hulk in an arm wrestling match, the phone call interruption, Spock VS Sheldon Cooper in a Chess match, who is the best pie eater?, we choose the characters: Mr. Fantastic VS Slimer VS Sarlacc Pit VS Nanobots, honorable mention: Tony Stark VS Bruce Wayne in business building from scratch, who would pull more women to sex: Captain James T. Kirk VS Han Solo VS James 007 Bond, too much nerd debate, “I love you guys”, and forced poems.

Wacko of the Week


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