Episode 030: Mutant Menace

Which one is from Fresno?
Which one is from Fresno?

Recorded May 26th, 2014

This episode contains: dirty thirty, Fresno visit, bouncing off the walls at the zoo, elephants and orcas, appropriate sized clothes, orangutan barter system, Planet of the Apes, John’s Incredible Pizza, innate light hitting ninja skills, buffet, ESPN zone, pub crawl run down, huge lines, the VIP lounge, bingo, roving groups, road trip, guilting the invite, an inch of Morgan, Wacko of the Week, wacko roulette, “Adam” and “Eve” and pop-rocks, burning itching sticky vagina, ER, gaping hole, sex toys on wedding night, handcuffs, X-Men movie roundup, Hugh Jackman getting older, rewriting future history, another pee break, fuzzy feelings, Godzilla the good guy, a force of nature, Monsters, District 9, King Kong.


Wacko of the Week

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