Episode 031: Thirty One

Happy 31st, R2
Happy 31st, R2

Recorded May 31st, 2014

We apologize for the sound, we had some tech issues. As soon as we can afford better equipment (hint, hint) these live shows will be MUCH better.

This episode contains: live show, Devon’s birthday, pop filter, road trip, the 21st 31st, high tolerance, sweet tooth, fat guy phase, Mountain Dew and M&Ms, holocaust survivor, not eating sweets, the View, blow job shots, address problems, Apple maps vs other GPS, apartment troubles, comic book store, game store, growing up nerd, being responsible, expansion packs for pussy, Jen’s bed, prednisone, R2-D2, actual Star Wars universe, $1200, special guests Jen and Sarah, diaper cake for men, like to want to fuck, Wacko of the Week, Sheila Vogel-Coupe, Britain’s oldest prostitute at 85, started in 2005, weird kinks, great gilf, in the trench, hooker prices, new BS network show: Science Faction, dirty words, cunt, Clerks 2, porch monkey, n-word, where ‘faggot’ came from, UK curse words, taking the power from the words, why bleep?, illegal words, illegal actions, racism, education is the answer.

Wacko of the Week


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