Episode 034: Stinky Bellybuttons

You're going to need a bigger mask.
You’re going to need a bigger mask.

Recorded on June 26th, 2014

This episode contains: episode confusion, Facebook likes and advertising, found dessert, Disneyland trends, hot and not-hot, short shorts, shortening toes, Wacko of the Week: Christopher Mitchell, fat guy drugs, fat suits, first in last out, Smodcast chat, drug sniffing dog, belly fat drug cache, wet finger in belly button test, dead cheese, how cocaine works, stinky belly button, shaving bush, funky cheese, Dorst was a whore, how’d you meet your wife?, bartender shenanigans, forgetting kids, drug mule, flirt bartender, Julia’s side of the story, book store presents from the aunt-to-be, book excerpt from “Daddy Needs a Drink”, no excuses for not writing, Steven’s writing process, SLO Nightwriter’s contest, gambling math, writing sequels, real opinions, rate my dick pic tumblr.

Wacko of the Week

Rate my Dick Pic


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