Episode 033: Heavy Internet Petting

I would talk about this, but then I'd have to bleep it.
I would talk about this, but then I’d have to bleep it.

Recorded June 16th, 2014

This episode contains: Limon Pepino, terrible tumblrs, the bad place, putting, amateur, Steven’s sexy story, explaining chat rooms, A/S/L check, scanning photos, girlfriend and boyfriends, questions, cock in hand, twitter handles, advertising on Facebook, Will Farrell and Chad Smith drum off, Metallica and Some Kind of Monster, Jason Newsted and Sepultura, prog-metal with Devon, Master of Puppets, heavy metal talk, Volkswagon Bus, bong loads in the VW, the cheap drive in, smoke in the usher’s face, swallowing smoke, putting small things next to your schvantz, True Blood talk, Game of Thrones Season 4 finale talk, wights and skeletons, cock punches and vag kicks, the Hound and the Mountain, chaining the dragons, the Viper’s head, a gentle giant, the future of the series.

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