Episode 045: Half Blitzed

Lootcrate is awesome, and would be even more awesome if they sponsored us
Lootcrate is awesome, and would be even more awesome if they sponsored us

Recorded September 8th, 2014

This episode contains: cracking the first drink at noon, addictions, Escape board-game recap, Dorst’s epic journey, pimp jogging, banked turns, school track running, plantar fasciitis, paying for entering, moving furniture, work flow, over under on sleeping on the crib, gambling degenerate, kids in beds, cavemen, drunk belligerent Steven, 805 six pack and Man of Steel, fast forwarding through movies, Star Trek IV was a good one, names, more questions for Go Betty Go, Arrow season 3 trailer talk, Ra’s Al Ghul, fan confusion, iconic comic book characters, #racist, Khoisan languages, stupid people, elitism, Brandon Routh, Ray Palmer, the Atom, tv ratings, Monday night football and Gotham, pirating tv, the GCPD, free advertising to Lootcrate, Groot exclusive figure, Leonardo figure, sunglasses, Sonic air freshener, Deadpool magnet, pin, digital loot, Galactic September crate, Star Wars books, hashtag contest for a FREE GAME!, Steven’s fake resume, teaser for interview next week.

Shout out: @ladiesnightpod

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