Episode 046: Digital Flyers

Writer / Directer / Producer Jack Thomas Smith
Writer / Directer / Producer Jack Thomas Smith

This episode contains: Saturday morning re-record, interview with writer directed producer Jack Thomas Smith, inspiration for Infliction, child abuse and society, empowerment of victims over abusers, writing process, assembled footage, the number of cameras, sound effects and music, go pros, cutting room floor, authenticity of story, the nicest actor is the scariest character, no redemption, distributing the film, theatrical release vs indie release, Twitter and free advertising, the Infliction Tour, Jacks top 5 horror movies: Dawn of the Dead, Halloween, Se7en, Night of the Living Dead, The Thing, no risk remakes, The Hills Have Eyes, east/west coast screenings, hot toddy, slippery nipple, blowjob shots, sex on the beach, fuzzy navel, breakfast for the kids, Minecraft questions, 2.5 billion dollar deal for Mojang, programmer versus businessman, Minecraft recap, 200 hours, Notch, Swedish-land, selling the company, the Facebook and Oculus Rift connection, billionaires, tons of shout outs and Twitter contest #gobettygo.

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