Episode 051: Mickey’s Fun Wheel

Not sinister at all.
Not sinister at all.

Recorded October 20th, 2014

This episode contains: the fifty-first state, Washington DC utilities, whiskey slurs, baby shower bbq, sunburns, outside drinking, bbq chat, prime rib, stir fry, choosing baby names, bombing down the hill, man-crate, bark-box, BS-booze-box, Lootcrate Fear Box run-down, foaming watermelon mystery, the Walking Dead and pregnancy, poopy diapers, Sloane Steel stroke off, Ultimate Avengers 2 talk, Hank Pym the wife beater, Ant Man casting, postponed Derrick Pierce interview, setting the record straight with Dropping Loads, falling off Mickey’s Fun Wheel, old man Dorst does math,  #freeSPJ, Batman v Superman NDA, Jenna Malone Robin chat, The Dark Knight Returns, Carrie Kelly, various Robin stories, purposeful leaks, Hunger Games, Arrow season 2 talk, guest appearance on the Geek Dig podcast, top 5 PBS guests, hashtag comic contest.



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