Episode 052: Haunted FUPA Room

Step 1: Tina. Step 2: ??? Step 3: Profit.
Step 1: Tina. Step 2: ??? Step 3: Profit.

This episode contains: Special Co-Host Sloane Steel, Primal talk, backside of the business, turgidity, the comment section, taking off shirts, talking sexy, retarded hard cycle, rotten moonshine cherries, swallowing, TIFU, the Reddit incident, TL;DR definition, the language of leaves, cats and instagrams, trolling, young old beagles, jogging weed, child proofed house, cut pugs, alone time with the pug pillow, not afraid of no ghost, literary nerds, radio cute uggos, lost kindle, vintage cameras, taxidermy, puzzle boxes, SNES games and Super Mario World, disappointing younger sisters, Tomb Raider and Nude Raider, pixilated nips, Super Mario Bros on the Wii, pubescent Mario, Al Pacino imitations, Harry Potter books, armpit fetish, Gal Pacino, Wendy’s taco bar and chili secrets, ghost bunny chupacabra strikes back, space travel technology, Enter the Void, watching gay porn, mouths, oddly specific, Blowjob Queen, uncircumcised surprise, gaping hole of doom, Tina birthday haircuts, expensive Halloween costume, cool tattoos, numerology, holocaust humor, name mistakes, scary torture stories, the brazen bull, thrown off a cliff, rat bucket interrogation, scaphism or the boats, creepy cat banging, kinky and curious, Very Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, machete slicing, nanny and the CPA, Trinidadian ghost stories, NY decapitation, crazy clowns watching Sloane, child dolls, Raising Arizona, baby fish, maggot crabs, gravity bongs, dumb stuff with nice weed, Cali and FLA, Flo Rida shirts, 805 and 305 area codes, Vanilla Ice and A1A, Miami facts.


iamsloansteel (instagram)



Audio Interlude (unofficially) provided by 331Erock

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