Episode 57: Farewell Steven

baby dominguesRecorded November 24, 2014

This episode contains: Heinz 57, beagle barks, it’s almost our birthday, gifts from the Lawless’s, Luag, Sloane Steel, Ikea kids, assembling furniture, cow rugs, color blind t-shirts, porn categories, baby stories from Sloane, Bridies message, birth plan, Devon & Jen, sexy talk, new podcast idea, SFP slurring, fast forward, how do be on SFP, show plans, Stevens blind spot about the behind the scenes, awkward goodbyes, Devon won’t say I love you, adequacy, Star Wars trailer theories, more Loot Crate, The Lawli, sexy Lawli, broken foots, Sloane’s wardrobe choices, star fishing, new family, workings of the internet, Lawli going in dry, werewolves, elephants and rhino’s, welcome to parenthood, plans for the paternity leave, JULIA IS ON THE SHOW!, MARTINE IS ON THE SHOW!, whose baby is it?, who’d you rather with Martine, Dorst gets real, asshole baby’s, Dorst gets real again, no plugs.  CONGRATULATIONS MARTINE AND STEVEN!








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