Episode 060: Reverse Baby Bird

Episode 060: Reverse Baby Bird


Recorded 12-15-2014

This episode contains: Two Bens, new babies, feeding Lawless, rhyming, rhyming tournament, Lawless ‘s problem with rhyming, drinking ideas, Bubba vs Flint, pulling the Lawless, how not to get laid, magnate schools, young Lawless, ashes on fireworks, schools in the 80’s, anti RPG’s, what it’s like to be a first time dad, animated PBS, hospital horror stories, vomit, reverse baby bird, dog vomit, pig nuts, rocky mountain oysters, shooting, gun ownership, Lawless the soldier, Cal Poly, senior projects, Lawless mission statement, poems, ultimate Frisbee, stand-up comedy, open mic’s, 30’s vs 40’s, being broke, non-frat parties, Frisbee zombies





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