Episode 059: Bottle of whiskey and a .45

Episode 058: Bottle of Whiskey and a 45.


Recorded 12/8/2014

This episode contains: Devon Craft from the Science Faction Podcast, crapping introductions, baby Dominguez is born!, Bend OR, Snowboarding at Mt. Bachelor, Snow report, Jen’s skills on a snowboard, driving to Oregon, Steven and Ben’s birthdays, haircut appointments, barber shop

from hell, motor massage, traditional haircut with happy ending, House of a Thousand Corpses, Nipomo, iPad Fleshlight, masturbation in public, living with a special needs child, hit by a car, Devon brings the show down, science of sex, Kate Upton and Game of War, Clash of Clans, Jennifer Aniston long in the tooth, Ben’s getting older,  Devon’s bum knee, more masturbation, chiropractors, science based medicine, end of the world scenarios, Steven Hawking, Elon Musk, killer AI, media attention, asteroid apocalypse, Tunguska event, could we deflect an asteroid?, would we want to know of impending doom?, how would society react, Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, party in the mountains, AI reprise, post humans, killer robot motivations, the Matrix, robots colonizing the solar system, WWW series (Wake, Watch, Wonder) by Robert J. Sawyer, the Internet becomes self-aware, genetically/human created plague, seeing loved ones die, Plague, Inc., Contagion, nuclear war, mutually assured destruction, War Games, North Korea, nuclear terrorism, particle accelerator disaster, Agents of SHIELD, Higgs Boson/”God Particle,” miniature black holes, evidence for black holes, climate catastrophe, hurricane season, California drought worst in 1200 years, gradual change v. catastrophe, God reaches for the off-switch, turning off the simulation we live in, are we software?, simulation within simulation, fine tuned universe, anthropic principal, multiverse, defining luck, gravitational wave, we are mold on an apple, Men in Black ending, speed of time, bottle of whisky and a .45, Patreon, Xmas shopping, “chiropractery,” complimenting Devon 






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