Patreon 001: Thanks for the Money

Recorded January 27th, 2015

This episode contains: Patreon Bonus Episode, 8 hour marathon, Google pegging, Devon the first patron, the drunk Devon birthday experience, gourmet hotdogs, masters law degree, Asian karaoke with gay hotties, all the Devon episodes, meta talk, the awful old episodes, Slavi Kasan the second patron, exploding Twitter, download numbers, plugging Wasted, Facebook is dead to us, Oculus Rift and HoloLens, interviews, cable and satellite versus streaming Internet, Clint Thiele the third patron, random dude in Chicago, Xbox connections, PBS family, Ludwig from Germany the forth patron, who are you?!, the top 10 countries that listen to us, our minds are blown, Dorsts’ Ghostbuster reboot casting opinion, Steven’s love of Chris Pratt, Fantastic Four reboot, Spider-Man and “we”, X-Men development, origin story fatigue, Courtney Calkins the fifth patron, podcast communities on Twitter, the YouTube connection, ads, hobbies and corporations, Ben Corcoran the sixth patron, Kiwis in the middle of the night, Star Wars and Batman bonding, Dropping Loads getting told.

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