PBS Sports Cast Bonus Episode


Recorded January 30th, 2015

This episode conatins: Devon makes a Beast Mode joke, blow and hookers vaginas, all strippers are hookers but not all hookers are strippers, stripper and hooker stories, SFP & PBS and why we are here, our sports histories, the Bay Area sports culture, how Dorst became an Atlanta Falcons fan, all the teams that Dorst roots for are losers, Bay Area sports arenas and barhopping, how big is the Super Bowl, March Madness, Goodell’s State of the League address, “deflate gate” Seahawks v. Packers recap, Beast Mode’s job, Devon’s job, after one hour we finally start to talk about the game, explaining how spreads work, Dorst teases the Seahawks to the under, Dorst has a guy, online poker and the legality of online betting, Devon teases the Seahawks to the over.




Mortal Kombat w/ Conan

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