Episode 074: Wasted

directionsRecorded March 23rd, 2015

This episode contains: Gunner with Dorst and pulling down cables, important things happend 1974, confusing acronyms, Russia vs US in space, Mission Impossible trailer, DLP shoutout, Metart stars, is Sloane really our friend, Wasted Interview with Steve/Slavi, where’s Malaysia, Steve’s badass Skype avatar, origins of Wasted, Cinecoupe contest, how do you make a TV show, converting a TV show into a movie, the freedom of the zombie apocalypse, prepping for the zombie apocalypse, zombies can be depressing, brainstorming Wasted ideas, legality of smoking weed in Toronto, the Wasted crew, why Steve gives us money, the grind of the artist, PBS as art, Iggy Azaleas ass, Justin Bieber, how to vote for Wasted, Steve cuts an amazing wrestling promo, new Wasted idea from Steven, butt fucking corpses, GOT spoilers, SOA spoilers, spoilers in general, we go off the rails.

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