Episode 073: Craft Whiskey


Recorded March 16th, 2015

This episode contains: Stinky cum, Happy Birthday Bubba, Bubba’s surgery and giant head, Dorst’s giant head, Turbo Graphix 16, Bonks Adventures, Devon’s Giant head, steroid use and going  to the gym, Devon’s trip to see Steven, Eskimo brothers, Devon’s love for Steven, liquor vs. beer, Steven loves Devon’s muscles, schmedium t-shirts, Dorst has given up, PBS costume ideas, muscles do not save you from hangovers, Devon’s body fat vs our body fat, Dorst’s love of beer, Ready Player One, bringing back the Wacko, Jose Espinosa, friends in Madera, camouflage, Steven wants to steal a car, spray paint as camo, Florida man, DLP stories, Ludwig, QuadCast shout out, dollars to euros, Go Betty Go, physical labor, BS Podcast Network, Reel Stupid Podcast, the future of the show, we beg  for money and thank everyone!  Stevens’s dick challenge.

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