Episode 075: Fat Joe Cameo

Try not to cry


Recorded March 30th, 2015

This episode contains: Sloane is back, altered state of mind, Dorst is sober, The Reel Stupid podcast, Dorst Indian Jones botch, The Temple of Doom, Asian boys and gooey bugs, Steven’s spirit animal, shaving for beach days, Paul shaving Sloane’s vagina, Ultra Music Fest, club rats and Fat Joe, The Terror Squad, club whores, Fat Joe licks shoes, Sloane’s mouth, porn that makes us sad, cumming like an animal, internet trolls, people telling us they are unfollowing us because of tits, cat assholes, what’s coming up for RSP, scary clowns, pizza poops, poop on Reddit, Dorst’s dentist story, crying at the dentist, smoking joints, the unchanged practice of dentistry, secret Sloane story, how to squirt, back to the futuring, Doc and Marty’s origin story, ideas for future RSP’s, Steven cries during Titanic, crying during Up, hole in ones, 5 o’clock vagina, Sloane’s creepy gyno, Sloane’s car gets broken into.

Reel Stupid Podcast

Fat Joe Cribs

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