Episode 076: #dieselgrip


This episode contains: Big orange balls, gas station talk, March Madness, 2 A’s, bracket challenges, Where is Duke?, gambling and gas, Easter Sunday, new dad for Dorst, world famous Pismo Beach, does Ludwig know who Bugs Bunny is?, driving in Pismo, pulled over by a bike cop, cellphone tickets, Dorst is pissed, Julia impression, merits of a cellphone ticket, The Simpsons, Steven and Devon hang out, Dorst falls asleep, four hand fulls, drinking all day, tap beers, Steven hates Wookey Jack, Devon can’t chug, racist parents, black T.V., terms for drunk, Dorst talks funny, Aesop’s fables, Aesop statue, Latin vs. Greek, Greek lookin mutha fucka, Furious 7 spoiler free, D-Box, giant plate of nachos, drunk driving, Mad-Max D-box, we want more Rock, Vin Diesel/Dominic Toretto, internet spoiling the movie, look at me culture, re-write of movie, ending makes the movie, finally handling Tokyo Drift, next level action scenes, top two moments of the movie, how we watch the movie, Vin’s tiny hands, spy skills, our ratings of the movie.

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