Episode 085: Gentlemen Sausage

Untitled-1This episode contains: Back to the Future puns, real date for Back to the Future, Jaws, Max Spielberg, World Series from the future, NBA playoffs, tantric sex, more Back to the Future jokes, Steven jerks off, Top Gear, having a crisis, gentleman sausage, Dorst’s golf weekend, Monterey, alleged drinking, Pete takes his shirt off, Chippendale’s, Dorst is vague, Blackhorse golf course, Triple crown, silly geese, Pete trying to grab Dorst’s balls, carting accident, road rash from ball tickling, Steven made a promise about the show image, Dorst did not spill his beer, adrenaline dumps, welcome to our new Monterey listeners, Navy shout out, Dorst was lucky, Bridie is awesome, Steven and Martine’s first night away from the kid, peaking in on the camera, listeners at dinner, Steven used bad language, 7 cocktails, $300.00 shot of tequila, face licking, show image, sleeping in till 9, tweeting at 6 am, another poorly written, poorly spelled email from Travis, Furry Road, the hairy button, pro porn tips, Patreon plug, $20.00 of entertainment,  Ludwig’s English, run on sentences, “staring” in a film, Steven in short, “she” be hurt, minor “fractions”, Steven still loves Pokemon, new Fallout game, Steven’s YouTube page, “The Promise”.


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